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So Many Projects, So Much Time

Flourish Market pillows and soaps

To Plan or Not to Plan

Any creative person can tell you how happy it makes them to not have plans - to not have to get dressed up (or showered even), to not have to rush off to work, and as a result, they can work on their project of the day, day after day, after day.

This lengthy stay-at-home situation was very novel at first (no pun intended). Sure, I’d love a vacation! I’d love to pause getting up early for the kids, to pause the repetition of helping with homework, and to pause the daily rituals at the shop. It’s nice to mix things up! I could assess the pieces of furniture that I have socked away in the garage and what was the most interesting to work on.

These chairs were really filthy, had a million staples, and not sturdy.

So, I’ve been busy with a couple of chairs, a desk, another couple of chairs, another desk, and a single chair. Hmm, I see a theme here! But mainly I’ve been working on an updated website - a cleaner site - one with a cleaner color palette and better navigation.

It’s really hard to juggle all the things a business owner has to do. I really had hoped that I could keep current with my blog entries, the photos on my website, and my social media posts. This break from normal life has given me the chance to get a fresh start AND to do something that I’ve wanted to do since I opened in online store!! Hopefully, a store that generates some sales while my physical store is under mandatory closure.

So, not only have I had time to re-work my website, I've added over 300 products that can be purchased from the comfort of your own home, while you are in your pjs (who gets dressed anymore anyways??), and at any time of day. I will pack the items up and ship them to you. FREE SHIPPING on ORDERS OVER $100.

Or, if you'd rather not pay for shipping at all, pickup is available during the mandatory closure on Fridays between 12pm and 4pm -- CURBSIDE! All of the proper health protocols will be followed. And, you can call the shop and let me know you have arrived, and I can put your shopping bag outside.

Hopefully when the reopening plan is announced on Monday, I'll know more about getting back to business. I plan to update the items online continuously, so you can always find a great selection there.

Office Products

Jewelry and Accessories

House and Home Products

Bath Products

Floorcloths - many 20x30 size in stock!

Kitchen Products

Please support me with a sale during this financially stressful time. I’ll be adding more items daily. Lighting, furniture, and a few other fun items will be added in the coming weeks - especially if the closure order is extended beyond May 19. My current plan is to reopen on Wednesday, May 20. In the meantime -

Happy Shopping!

XO Jennifer

(HOPEFULLY) reopening on

Wednesday, May 20 at 11 am.

Spring Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 5

Sunday 12 - 4

Appointments are also available for

private shopping sprees!

Just reach out!


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