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Jennifer Knopf at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck New York for Flourish Market

I believe that your home should reflect your past, as well as the present. You shouldn't lose sight of where you've been, but you can't live there. Add some modern elements or update what you have. Just do it simply!

Jennifer Knopf, owner

Flourish Market furniture painting process


About Jennifer

The Start

Nestled in the charming town of West Stockbridge, Flourish Market is the embodiment of owner Jennifer Knopf's eclectic style and "I can do it" enthusiasm. Raised in South Texas, where friendliness and DIY are as common as sweet tea, Jennifer grew up watching This Old House and was fascinated with the process of rebuilding and revamping.  She created Barbie Dreamhouses from stacks of books, fabric scraps, and other sewing notions like spools of thread for Barbie seating. So clever! 

She started her first business at 19 as an image consultant, doing presentations for small groups and businesses, teaching about the importance of color and appearance. Art school gave her an appreciation for construction, color, and materials. From there she got a taste for retail - the process of creating an environment for the customer and providing honest customer service. Several years of doing bookkeeping jobs revealed the behind-the-scenes of running a business - something Jennifer had wanted to try again.

After growing bored while staying home with her 2 young kids, she took on event planning for the PTA - managing and designing school dances, bake sales, and other fundraising events, as well as being the treasurer. Not only did she love the project management tasks, but she also made some really creative spaces for the kids. Now it was time to be an event planner professionally - working on galas, golf and tennis challenges, as well as publishing a commemorative book for the local historic library. But an event only lasts a few hours... and she wanted more.

More, Please
Step Aside and Let Me Do It

Having always been the kind of person who could fix anything, Jennifer thought that if she could start small, with a storefront located near her home, and focus on rehabbing inexpensive old furniture and lamps, estate sale finds, and castoff junk, that she could create a store - a space that she would want to be in all day - that permanent event she was craving. 


Jennifer lived in Los Angeles for 8 years, and she shopped at some of the coolest boutiques and best flea markets. These experiences now frame her approach to Flourish Market - cozy, quirky, and dripping with interesting items.

With her art background, but no formal design education, she designs spaces purely from gut-instinct and keen shopping ability. Now living in the Berkshires for nearly 25 years, she has cultivated her design aesthetic -- warm, accessible, and effortlessly charming. Reflected in the mix of curious vintage pieces and modern essentials, Jennifer has created a store that doesn't overwhelm the shopper with piles of stuff. The array of home decor, vintage furniture, jewelry, and lighting is carefully curated, thoughtfully merchandised, and financially attainable. Flourish Market has a relaxed and familiar feel - welcoming tourists and quickly becoming a favorite of the locals!


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