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Stepping into Springtime

With Easter Sunday coming up this weekend, it feels like nature is hitting the refresh button. The weekend storm of heavy rain, ice, and snow has transitioned into milder temps and sunny afternoons. The daffodils are beginning to pop up everywhere, and the early Spring snowdrops and iris are showing off their best colors - like they've been waiting all year for this moment.

Iris reticulata blooming in my home garden.

This Easter Sunday, soak in the vibes of Spring - with all its blooming beauty and playful energy. Grab a basket, maybe a chocolate bunny or two, and embrace the new season with open arms.

Easter items, nest giclee artwork,carrot tea towel, napkins

Be a Thoughtful Easter Guest

If you've been invited to a gathering of family or friends this Easter, then Flourish Market has a great selection of gifts for you to take to the host or hostess.

Consider bringing a vase along for those fresh flowers, as you wouldn't want to catch your host off guard, needing to pause their preparations to search for a suitable container. We have a variety of new and vintage, in all sizes and colors.

For the hostess who loves to cook, we have a delightful selection of cotton tea towels, each one displaying both style and functionality. Hand-silkscreened with an array of whimsical patterns and vibrant colors, these kitchen essentials are more than just drying companions—they're conversation starters. Crafted with absorbency in mind, they effortlessly tackle spills and splashes with grace.

Beyond their practicality, these towels make delightful gifts, perfect for spreading cheer on any occasion. Whether you're adding a pop of personality to your kitchen or searching for the perfect present, our collection of cotton tea towels will brighten even the most mundane task with their undeniable charm.

Easter items, nest giclee artwork, flowers

Imagine the joy of receiving a carefully curated present that combines elegance with functionality such as a box of Botanica Taper Candles in an array of captivating shades, paired with our Botanica Candle Snuffer and Wick Snip Set. This gift embodies both style and practicality, and the candle snuffer/wick snips ensure the perfect burn every time while extending the life of each candle.

While shopping in our store, I'm sure you've noticed our colorful array of Japanese-style cross-back aprons—an essential companion for cooking, gardening, or indulging in creative experiments around the house. This versatile pinafore apron features a cross-back design for easy wear and is adorned with two spacious front pockets, it's as practical as it is chic. Crafted from durable and absorbent linen, this apron is built to withstand the demands of everyday use. It's available in 2 sizes and over a dozen colors - but in-store only.


Whatever you choose from Flourish Market to thank your hostess for her hospitality on Easter, let us take the hassle out of presenting your gift. We always offer complimentary gift wrapping, either in a gift box or gift bag, allowing you to savor the joy of giving without the stress. Have a Happy Easter!


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