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March is for the Birds

Welcome Spring Folk Art Birds

March can be a confusing month, don't you think? We've had sun and warmth, rain and wind, as well as ice and snow. And sometimes all in the same day! If you're like me, you're eagerly awaiting Spring days with calmer weather - days with a gentle breeze and warm sunlight. I'm far more productive with my projects around the house when I can crack open a window and let some fresh air in.

One sure sign of Spring is the return of the birds. Although it will be a month or so before most bird species return to the New England area, I'm sure you've seen a variety of birds return to your bird feeders. Unfortunately, if you forget to bring the feeder inside until 9PM, like my husband did recently, you might encounter a black bear. Luckily the bear was the one who was most afraid and scurried off before having his evening snack.

We've compiled a collection of 40 bird products to make it easy to find the one you love!


The Bird Story

Here at Flourish Market you know we love birds. We sell around four dozen items with a bird theme. Part of the reason that I sell so many birds is not only because birds are so fun to watch, but my family loved them while I was growing up. I may have shared with some of you a story from my childhood in South Texas that relates to birds.

My maternal grandmother enjoyed painting as a pastime for most of her life. She took oil painting classes with a well-known Rockport, Texas artist, Simon Michael, or as she called him, Mr. Michael. She would attend weekly classes to learn painting techniques while working on a still life of watermelons, desert cacti, or a lovingly collected flower arrangement. My grandmother was born in 1908, and lived through the Great Depression and 2 World Wars, so she was quite thrifty as you might expect.

My favorite painting.

On one occasion, a cardinal flew into her large window and died upon impact. Never one to miss an opportunity to get on Mr. Michael's good side and have the most interesting subject matter for her paintings, my grandmother quickly took the dead bird, arranged the wings and head just right, and put it into her freezer to preserve it. Now and then when she had an idea for a painting that involved a bird, she would bring it out of the freezer for a short time and position it in the still life of the day. That sweet bird was immortalized in a few oil paintings!

xo Jennifer



chickadee Massachusetts greeting card

Did you know that the Massachusetts legislature adopted the Black Capped Chickadee as the official State Bird over 80 years ago on March 21, 1941?

Chickadees are one of the easiest birds to attract to feeders, for suet, sunflower, and peanuts. We have the perfect little Chickadee greeting card to fit any occasion.

The Backyard Birdwatcher's Bible Book

Our book, "The Backyard Birdwatcher's Bible" combines gorgeous color photography with practical advice to help you identify and attract birds to your own backyard. Discover more about the evolution, history, and art of birds of the world in this 409 page book. Makes a great gift for a bird lover!


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