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The Versatility and Charm of Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths

When a floorcovering option combines durability with elegance, you know you've made a good purchase. Crafted by Spicher and Company, Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths have become a beloved choice among Flourish Market patrons. And rightfully so, with a vast selection of patterns ranging from vintage linoleum to Spanish tile to Persian rug-inspired to contemporary geometric designs, there's a style to suit every taste.

vintage vinyl floorcloth in mudroom entry

Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths excel in addressing the demands of the most challenging spaces. Your home's doorways are heavily trafficked and the perfect spot for these vinyl floorcloths - available in compact sizes like 20" x 30" and 24" x 36" - fitting effortlessly between door jambs. What's more, they boast a low profile, ensuring they won't bunch up under low-hanging doors.

vintage vinyl floorcloth in bathroom

These sizes work great in a bathroom as well - especially in a half bath where a regular old bathmat isn't pretty or practical. When the Vintage Vinyl Floorcloth gets wet, water is quick to dispel from the surface and the high points on the vinyl provide good traction.

vintage vinyl floorcloth floral in room

For larger areas like entryways or mudrooms, consider rectangular options like the 38" x 56", the 52" x 76" or square ones measuring 36" x 36" or 48" x 48". Not only do they provide a certified slip-resistant surface, but they also safeguard your main flooring from everyday wear and tear, as well as moisture from rainy day footwear.

vintage vinyl floorcloth in dining area modern tulip table

Office areas and dining rooms are another logical location for these floorcloths. Their scuff-resistant properties and ability to lay flat make them perfect for use under rolling desk chairs and dining chairs.

vintage vinyl floorcloth in kitchen

For spaces between kitchen cabinetry or along lengthy hallways, the runner sizes of 36" x 90" and 36" x 115" are an excellent fit. With a thickness of approximately 1/16", these two-ply vinyl floorcloths feature a latex padded backing, offering both sound absorption and gentle cushioning underfoot.

How Vintage Vinyl Came to Be

Established in 1992 by Mark Spicher and his wife Kolene, Spicher and Company is headquartered in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, also where the production facility is located. Mark Spicher, originally a builder, identified a demand during his career and leveraged his expertise to create Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths.

“I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a project and wished that I could reasonably source that old linoleum like our grandparents used to have in their kitchens. It had those deep burgundy reds, layer after layer of floor wax and an amazing luster and patina that just isn't seen anymore. It's shocking when I think about how they were all convinced to remove those beautiful floors for "no wax" vinyl. That's what made me think we should produce something that gives the same feel to today's modern kitchens, something that would nicely compliment period homes that have chosen a more recent floor solution."

When developing Vintage Vinyl, extensive testing was done to evaluate durability, flexibility and the adhesion of the colors. Every floorcloth is UV resistant for 3 years. While nothing is impervious to damage, the colors printed on the vinyl will stay intact should it ever get creased. Cleaning a floorcloth is a breeze. Simply use a sponge or mop with mild cleanser and water and wipe.

How about using these on porches? These are great for 3 season porches where they won't get wet continuously, however if placed outside and not allowed to dry out, mildew may form on the underside since these are not made with a porous material.

Great Selection at Flourish Market

Shop Popular Styles

Shop our large in-store selection of 5 sizes (20" x 30", 24" x 36", 38" x 56", 52"x 76", and 36" x 90") for instant transformation of your space. We have the most popular sizes in a wide-array of fun colors and patterns.


Special Order

Their Selection is Endless

With 15 standard sizes and hundreds of patterns and colorways available, Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths offer endless opportunities for enhancing your home's décor. If Flourish Market doesn't have the size or pattern you desire, browse the many floorcloths available to order at the Spicher and Company website. They even offer custom sizing!

There are several COLLECTIONS to choose from:

Classic, Williamsburg, Persian Bazaar, American Folk Art Museum, and Mosaic

As well as 2 customizable mosaic doormats.

Once you pick your favorite in the size you need, place your order with Flourish Market, either by calling our store, stopping in, or ordering one on our website using the PRE-ORDER tab under FLOORCLOTHS. Shipping is free and your order will be delivered to either your home or our store within only a few weeks.


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