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Make It FLOURISH in Blue

blue velvet chair in room with Behr Paint Dolphin Fin with a stump wood table and artwork

Welcoming You In

A comfortable seating area for guests is a must-have in our homes. With a small amount of space, a chair and a table are two basic pieces to build upon for a cozy spot. We've picked out a few items from our collection to show how easily you can put together a place for a momentary rest.

blue velvet chair seating accent tufted

Consider a few key elements when creating a welcoming seating area. First, choose the right chair for your guests. Our Diamond Tufted Navy Blue Velvet Chair is a luxurious option. Velvet feels comfortable in all seasons and navy blue pairs nicely with different colors: white in summer, brown tones in fall and winter, and pink or salmon in spring. Affordable and comfortable, this chair has been popular with our customers.

wood solid kate accent table natural

The third piece to add to create a comfortable seating area is a small table. Placed near your chair, a small table is essential for setting down a cup of tea or a book, as a place to have a candle, or for displaying a vase filled with fresh-picked flowers.

The Kate Accent Table is a good way to introduce an element of nature. Made from one piece of Munggur Wood, the Kate table is in direct contrast to the more refined velvet chair. Munggur Wood is sustainably harvested in Indonesia and displays many natural characteristics of wood such as color variations and splitting due to the high moisture and oil content. These rustic features add to the appeal of real, raw wood.

abstract vases art textured art paper

In our MAKE IT FLOURISH photoshoot, we featured artwork made of textured paper with graphic imagery. This pair of Abstract Blue Art provides a touch of whimsy to the area with its contorted blue vases and drooping foliage. We love the casualness of the natural wood farmhouse-style frames with a distressed finish.

blue vase modern ceramic

Finally, we chose this sleek and sturdy vase as our 'focus' item. Use a focus item as a place for the eye to land upon in an area - something interesting, with a nice shape, color, texture, or features. Whether used for a single stem or a handful of wildflowers, the Modern Blue Vase has a simple and contemporary shape. Place this empty vase on a shelf among your books and treasures for an element of strong color and pleasing shape.

By using only four pieces - a chair, art, table, and a focus item, you can set the scene for a guest to visit you, or use the seating area for yourself, to take a moment to rest, read a book, or catch up with your thoughts.


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