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The B Magazine: Welcome Home to your Mudroom

If you are lucky enough to have a mudroom, you understand its invaluable convenience. Organized mudrooms can alleviate morning chaos, keep your gardening tools at the ready, and your hiking boots where you think you left them.

Our region beckons outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of adventures. From invigorating hikes to serene canoeing or kayaking excursions across our numerous lakes, ponds, and rivers - there's no shortage of muddy exploration to be had. Avid gardeners don't let a little rain stop them from working in the flower beds, often up to their elbows in weeds, mulch, and dirt. School children toss down their sports equipment, heavy backpacks, and lunch boxes the minute they return home. And let's not forget the endless pairs of sneakers. Life gets messy!

At the end of a full day, your mudroom should be equipped to handle all of the essential gear for your busy lifestyle.

The B Magazine mudroom styling design Allison Crane

The B Magazine

Home and Health Special

Spring Issue

We were pleased to be invited by Allison Crane of Allison Crane Interiors to supply a variety of home decor pieces for an article focusing on mudrooms in The B magazine. The article, titled "Welcome Home", is included in the Spring 2024 issue which focuses on "Finding Balance in the Berkshires."

As a stylist, mother, avid gardener, knitter, and former chef, Allison Crane understands the importance of interior spaces that are beautiful - yet livable and well-organized. The B's Spring issue is dedicated to all things health and home. Let's see what Allison designed!

The B Magazine mudroom styling design Allison Crane

Easy Cleanup

Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths

Among the items we supplied for the photo shoot was a patterned Vintage Vinyl Floorcloth (pattern 38, colorway "Je Pense") and a tall, narrow wooden open bookcase called the Promenade Bookcase.

Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths by Spicher and Company are perfect for mudrooms and other difficult traffic areas. For gardeners, skiers, or children who enjoy jumping in mud puddles, Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths are easy to clean, slip-resistant, and add a design element to an otherwise ignored location.

Flourish Market has a wide selection floorcloths in stock. We have a multitude of designs, in sizes ranging from 20"x30" to 52"x76". However, if you have your eye on a design in a size we don't have in-store, placing a SPECIAL ORDER is the way to go. There is no extra fee and your floorcloth can be made and delivered to you within just a few weeks.

The B Magazine mudroom styling design Allison Crane

Cheers to Storage!

Promenade Bookcase

Promenade Bookcase shelving

If your square footage is super limited, the Promenade Bookcase solves your storage problems. At only 20" wide by 14" deep, it doesn't take up much room. Display your shoes on the 4 shelves, or use baskets for items that tend to spill out, like hats, scarves, or small sports equipment. Larger items can be placed on the top shelf in a box or bin. Items like gardening tools, insect repellant, twine, and gloves are easy to grab before you dash out for session in the garden.


Finishing Touches

Hooks and Storage

The mudroom is often a dumping ground for odds and ends. By utilizing wall hooks, storage baskets, benches with storage, as well as boot trays and hall trees - your mudroom can do double duty - not only as a locker room, but also as your home's main entrance.

At Flourish Market, you'll find many fun styles of single hooks and multi-hook racks. From wood to brass, we sell something to fit everyone's style.


Utilizing wire baskets, wooden boxes, or bins in your mud room space makes quick work of organizing and reducing your clutter. Make your mudroom work for you. You deserve an organized space.


To purchase the digital version of The B magazine's Spring 2024 issue for $4, visit England Newspapers or find it on newsstands around the Berkshires.


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