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October Comes Along

Hello October it's nice to see you again

A New Season in the Berkshires

October has arrived in all its glory here in the Berkshires. Dappled leaves in gold, green, and plum hues float softly down from the maple tree outside my window. The squirrels and chipmunks are fastidiously hoarding for the winter to come. We are so fortunate to live in a place where we can witness time literally passing in front of our eyes!

The shop is full of warmth and comfort in the form of candles, pillows, and throws. Woolen dryer balls in all shades of the rainbow make mundane tasks, like doing laundry, a little more interesting. Family gatherings are coming, and we're stocking up on wooden spoons, napkin sets, serving trays, and more.

All good things for Fall!

In case you missed it Hudson Candle

Antique cupboard with kilim pillow, lamp, tea towels


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