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Garden Life

wire garden votives among ferns

Twinkle. Twinkle.

Garden Magic

Your garden will come alive with twinkling light when you light up a tealight placed in a few of these Wire Garden Votives.

Simply push the long metal stake into your garden bed and place the glass insert into the wire holder. A simple tealight placed in the glass insert will burn for 4 or more hours.

The stakes come in two heights and several wire styles so you can easily create an enchanting and magical nighttime garden oasis!

planters, faux flowers, vases and lanterns

Liven up your indoor space with our faux flowers and succulents, elegant vases and earthy planters! You know how real our faux flowers and succulents look, and how easy it is to care for them (like nothing at all!) - no drooping, dropping, or dying! It's completely guilt-free plant care!

We have NEW STYLES in stock. Stop in or shop online and check them out!

black-eyed susan, agave succulent, thistle flower, planter, pot, urn


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