Original pastel art "Morning Study Yokun Ridge" by local Stockbridge artist, Sally Lebwohl.  Framed in black mdf frame with white mat.

Measurement: 10" W x 10" H with the image size of 3.75" x 3.75". Frame is 1.25" wide and .75" thick.

10% of sale price will be donated to New England Musicians Relief Fund

"Morning Study Yokun Ridge" by Sally Lebwohl

  • About Sally Lebwohl

    Sally Lebwohl aims to capture a moment of light within everyday life. Her soft pastels enable her to create work that is gestural and saturated with pure pigment on paper. Most of this group of small works were painted plein air, or directly from the subject. Sally's work contains a human presence, a story unfolding in a landscape or an interior space. Her recent paintings, representational landscapes and streetscapes, are derived from places familiar to her: a former neighborhood in East Cambridge and her current one in Berkshire County; interiors, inviting or abandoned; light, distant or intimate; a repeated object in our view; streets, emptier than usual during the pandemic. Sally become more aware of the beauty of these places as she focused on their color and composition.

  • Her Background

    After receiving a degree in Studio Art, Sally studied architecture and worked as an archivist at a design firm in Boston. She spent the past few decades looking at art, working in galleries in Manhattan in the 80’s and 90’s, and more recently as curator of a community gallery in New Jersey. During this time, she continued to sketch and paint, concentrating in the medium of soft pastel for the past ten years. She has participated in many juried exhibitions, local and international.