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Larger than a candle and more portable than a fireplace! FLIKRFIRE is the original personal fireplace that is fueled just by isopropyl rubbing alcohol. With just 5 oz of 70-91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol purchased at your local drug store, you will get 50 minutes of burn time. Since isopropyl alcohol is clean-burning, you can roast marshmallows for an indoor s'mores party! Great for the deck or kitchen countertop, or while having dinner.


The FLIKRFIRE has a clean and crisp look. The cement container warms up when burning and takes the chill out of the air on a cool day. The aluminum base will keep your tabletop cool, and it's lined with felt, so it protects your table surface. Light with a long match or fire clicker. This FLîKR Fire comes with a base finished in black.


FLIKRFIRE is happiest when burning.  However, if you want to turn it off or dress it up while not lit, you will be able to do so with our snuffing lid! The snuffing lid is precisely engineered to quickly snuff out the flame with minimal heat transfer to the handle and a beautiful design.

FLIKRFIRE with Lid in Black


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